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Natural Brewing

Our philosophy of beer is really simple: keep it simple and keep it real. We don’t add fancy stuff just to make it fancy. Everything we do is well considered and purposeful and anything we add is only there to make the beer taste better. When the big guys brew, they have this process that is kind of like Botox for beer: they use isinglass finings to strip the beer of any yeast or particles that remain.

The reason they do this is so that the beer looks clearer and more natural. Nothing could be further from the truth. You know our beer is natural because it looks ever so slightly milky. We don’t use isinglass finings because we choose to brew naturally.

That leaves our beer ‘unfined’ – which is a fancy brewer’s term for ‘natural’. It’s slightly hazy but it’s much cleaner and there is no negative effect on the taste or on your health. In fact, blind taste tests have shown that ‘unfined’ beer has a much better flavour and mouth feel.