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Des de Moor reviews Notting Hill Amber

Thank you Des for our first review!

“2011 was an extraordinary year for brewing in London. When I sent the final text of London’s Best Beer, Bars and Pubs off to CAMRA Books in early March, I felt the capital had done well to nurture six new brewers over a matter of years, particularly when they included Brodie’s, Camden Town, Kernel, Redemption and Sambrook’s. Then at the end of March I heard another new brewery, Moncada, was under development in west London…

“My sample was a soft hazy amber with a fine white head and a very finely pointed hoppy aroma of grapefruit and exotic spice. A smooth, full and tasty palate turned rapidly bitter with grapefruit over underlying malt and a slightly petrolly note, first cakey and then slightly raspy on the tongue. The finish was bitterish and chewy but nicey rounded with a tasty smack of fruit and a little astringency. Long may the brewers of my home city keep producing such great beers…”

Read the full article here: http://desdemoor.co.uk/moncada-n…

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