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London Vegan Beer Fest 2014

London-Vegan-Beer-Fest-2014We are very happy to be included in this years Vegan Beer Festival, so if you fancy trying some vegan bbq, vegan friendly beer with some live music then come check it out. A couple of the guys from the brewery will be there to serve you beer with lots of beer talk, come by the Moncada Brewery stall and say hi.

A few people have been asking, what makes beer vegan friendly?

Beer is made from barley, water, hops and yeast which is completely vegan friendly but some breweries use isinglass, gelatin and bone char throughout the brewing process to filter out impurities.

Isinglass is used as a fining agent to clarify beer and comes from the swimbladders of fish, usually sturgeon. Gelatin is a vegan no-no, this acts in the same way as isinglass to stabilise and clarify the beer. Bone char is used to filter beer but in a slightly different way to the two above. Char is exactly what it sounds like, burnt bones and the beer runs through a filter made of bone char to remove impurities.

Other ingredients which make beer non vegan friendly are honey and lactose as they are animal products. Both of these are used to sweeten beer, most commonly lactose is used to make milk stouts.

Date: Saturday July 12, 2014
Time: from 1pm
Location: St. Margaret’s House (entry via The Gallery Cafe)

“London Vegan Beer Fest was created out of a desire for vegan beer. It’s that simple!
Vegan blogger and event host Fat Gay Vegan wanted to create a boutique drinking event for lovers of craft beer. Inspired by the runaway success of the L.A. Vegan Beer Fest, he wanted to show the UK that being vegan and loving beer go hand in hand.”

For tickets visit http://londonveganbeerfest.co.uk…

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