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New Beer – Notting Hill Sour

moncada-brewery-notting-hill-sour-bottleWe are proud to introduce the newest beer to our range, the Notting Hill Sour. It is based on the traditional Berliner Weisse style of beer which came about in the 16th century in Northern Germany. Our cloudy, sour, white beer is only 3.0% ABV and brewed with a mixture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. The tartness will smack your chops with a burst of citrus flavours which pairs beautifully with salty foods.

This beer came about from an experiment we tried last summer. Julio went on holiday and left us in charge of the brewery. As it was his birthday we thought we’d get him a present, 950 litres of refreshing sour beer. Fortunately for us, he loved the beer and we kept our jobs so here we are again with our latest batch of Notting Hill Sour. The response last summer was overwhelming so we’ve now included it in our core range.

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