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New Beer – So Sori Julio (Saison)

moncada-brewery-so-sori-julio-bottleIt happened again……. the story of the So Sori Julio Saison.

It was that time of year when Julio went on a summer holiday and left us in charge of the brewery. London Craft Beer Festival was on that weekend and our friends from the Sori Brewing Company from Tallinn, Estonia were in town sharing their awesome beers with everyone at the festival.

All the guys from the brewery went to Bethnal Green to soak up the atmosphere and obviously try lots of beers. It was a great weekend, we met some cool people and made some new friends.

Just before everyone made their merry way out the doors at the end of the night an idea was formed, not the most thought out idea considering everyone’s haziness but an idea none the less. The guys from Sori were going to come over to the brewery and help us brew a classic Saison. Brew By Numbers who were also at the festival, kindly let us draw off some yeast from the bottom of their fermenter that morning which had just finished fermenting their Saison.

This meant a very early start after a very late night but everyone was still keen. The 3 litre bottle of yeast made it across London on the underground without exploding on the unsuspecting rush hour passengers. The beer turned out great, fermented right down to 1.003 which gave us a final ABV of 4.8% and “So Sori Julio” was born. We decided to dry hop the Saison with a combination of Vic Secret and the experimental hop HBC-431. Fortunately there was a spare Chardonnay white wine barrel in the brewery so we put a couple of hundred litres in for ageing which will be ready in a few months and the rest is now available in keg.

Once again Julio, we are So Sori.

Hope you guys enjoy the beer.


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