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Pizza making and beer tasting

Our favourite baker; Bake with Maria is offering a baking course that combines two great things: Pizza & Beer! At times we supply Bake with Maria the yeast for the bakery so we were really pleased to be asked to help create a new course.

During the course you are shown how to make hand-stretched pizza, just how they do it in Naples. Then whilst the pizza dough is proving, Julio introduces Moncada Brewery and the Notting Hill ale selection. After the beer tasting, you stretch out pizzas, choose favourite toppings and then bake them at the highest heat to get the characteristic blistered crust.

With warm pizzas out of the oven and a cold beer in your hand, the night could not get any better! Check out the picture of Julio’s loaf creation using Moncada Brewery yeast…

The course is a 3hour event and you get to take home the pizza (if you don’t munch down with your beer!).

BOOK: http://www.bakewithmaria.com/piz…


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