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Notting Hill

Inspired by this beautiful, creative neighbourhood, the Notting Hill range now includes 11 distinct crafted ales. Brewed from only the finest natural ingredients sourced wherever possible from within 100 miles of London, it now includes beers brewed with traditional and new variety hops. Our beers are sold in bottles kegs and casks. You can find them in fine pubs in and around London and some of the more tasty local bars, delis, shops and restaurants.

Notting Hill Pale


This is an exceptionally well-balanced beer. A blast of hops and malt combine with aromas of pine, citrus and a hint of grapefruit to create a light golden ale with a very dry finish that has just the slightest hint of bitterness. Available cask, keg and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill Blonde


A continental style yellow beer that smoothly blends hops, bitterness and sweetness. The flavour explodes on your tongue while the fruity hops invade the nose and palate. It lingers with a dry, bitter character and just the right amount of spiciness. Available in cask, keg, 330ml and 500ml bottles.

Notting Hill Amber


A full-bodied, creamy amber beer defined by citrus aroma and flavour. It’s perfectly balanced by a slightly toffee maltiness and a lingering bitter dryness with a flowery hop throughout. Given its strength, it’s surprisingly drinkable. Available in cask, keg, 330ml and 500ml bottles.

Notting Hill So Sori Julio


A blend of American and Slovenian hops are brought together to create this classic Saison. From the tap it pours with a burnished gold colour, the mouthfeel is well balanced with earthy, spicy and floral qualities all finished off with the classic Saison dry bitterness with subtle notes of banana and clove from the Belgian strain of yeast. Available in keg.

Notting Hill Blizzard (Bourbon Barrel Aged)


A year ago we laid this beer to rest in a pair of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrels to soak up the wonderful complex flavours of the oak. It’s a strong rye beer with a malty base, hints of dried fruits and buttery, vanilla & whiskey-like characteristics. Available in 750ml bottles.

Notting Hill Ruby Rye


Exactly what it says on the label, a robust Ruby ale made with rye and complimented by a fruity hop aroma. Available in cask, keg and 500ml bottles.

Notting Hill Sour


When Julio went on holiday last year, we thought we’d give him a present – 950 liters of refreshing sour beer, tart enough to really smack your chops. Based on the traditional 16th century Berliner Weisse style beer, it’s cloudy, sour and white. And it pairs beautifully with salty foods. Only 3.0% ABV, Julio loved it so much we decided to include it in our core range.

Notting Hill Stout


Doctors used to advise recovering athletes to drink stout, this is our own remedy recipe. An Oatmeal Stout with a dark and velvety taste and a well-defined roasted flavor. It tastes so good you almost want to get yourself injured. Available in cask, 330ml and 550ml bottles.

Notting Hill Summer


New world hops give this refreshing pale ale lots of wonderfully fresh citrus and tropical flavours. Available in cask, keg and 500ml bottles.

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