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Notting Hill

In a positively London spirit, Julio built a truly international team that over the years created the core range. It was always meant to be a beer love letter to the neighbourhood it came from. The core beer styles; Blonde, Pale, APA, Ruby Rye & Stout, all draw inspiration from traditional English brewing. However, all of them are influenced heavily by the international community that makes London in general, and Notting Hill in particular, such an exciting place to be. Filled with ingredients from all over the world, to satisfy diverse palates of the team and brewery’s neighbours.

The Blueprint series, on the other hand, is where the brewers go rouge. Crazy ABVs? Yes, please! Wacky flavours? Can’t get enough of them. Blueprint series is where you’ll find sour beers, IPAs spiced with bucketloads of hops, big imperial stouts or the barrel ageing experiments.


ABV 5.4% Märzen

A medium-bodied Märzenbier style seasonal lager with a light amber hue, off-white head, and a slight haze. It delights with aromas and flavours of biscuity caramel malts and a pleasantly sweet finish. True to this traditional German-style it carries a touch of soft bitterness of Tettnang hops. Prost!

Blueprint No. 33

Available in 30-litre kegs, and 330ml bottles.


ABV 6.3% IPA

Medium-bodied, amber-hued India Pale Ale, with aromas of orange, lemon zest and tropical fruits. The hoppy flavours are matched with the aromas along with a balanced bitter taste.

Blueprint No. 27

Available in 20-litre kegs, and 440ml cans.



Punchy aromas of pineapple, passionfruit give way to a slight undertone of citrus fruits. Light golden colour with a medium body makes for a refreshing mouthfeel. Hoppy flavours work well with the fruity sweetness to round off this double India pale ale.

Blueprint No. 29

Available in 20-litre kegs, and 440ml cans.

The Safe Word is Kölsch

ABV 4.7% Kölsch

A light straw coloured Kölsch style beer with a refreshingly light sparkling body. Subtle malt flavours make way to a crisp and slightly dry finish. 

Blueprint No. 26

Available in 30-litre kegs, and 440ml cans.

Gorilla Blanco

ABV 5.6% Hefeweizen

Based on the traditional German recipes this is a classic example of a Hefeweizen with a light straw colour and creamy white head. Aromas of banana, clove and bubblegum come through. The medium body balances with the clean, malty sweetness in the background. This beer was brewed in collaboration with Gorilla Brewing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Blueprint No. 28

Available in 30-litre kegs

Impy Custard

ABV 10.4% Vanilla Custard Imperial Stout

A full bodied imperial stout with flavours and aromas of Vanilla and cocoa, with a silky mouthfeel and mellow finish. It constantly delights both us and our customers proving that high ABV, sweet stouts can be light and easy drinking.

Blueprint No. 5

Available in 20 and 30-litre kegs, and 330ml bottles.


ABV 9.0% Horchata Imperial Stout

Collaboration with Haand Bryggerriet

A rich, sweet, full bodied imperial stout, with notes of rice pudding, vanilla and cinnamon, and dark chocolate and almond aftertaste. Inspired by horchata and bringing all its best flavours together with bitter chocolate notes of dark malt it’s a delicious and indulgent dessert in a glass.

Blueprint No.20

Available in 20-litre kegs, and 330ml bottles.

Floor Shaker

ABV 6.2% West Coast IPA

Full bodied and amber hued, with aromas of pine and citrus peel, flavours of orange and a hint of tropical fruit, and intense but pleasant bitterness. This West Coast IPA is packed with hoppy flavour and aroma and delights with its complexity.

Blueprint No. 13

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Mandarina Blonde

ABV 4.2%

An easy drinking straw coloured golden ale, with a thin white head and a light sparkling body. Notes of malty biscuit give way to delightful mandarin and citrus peel flavours. Younger sister to Notting Hill Blonde, it also is an ultimate refresher but with a modern twist.

Blueprint No. 15

Available in 30-litre kegs and 330 ml bottles.

Pink Grapefruit Sour

ABV 2.7% Sour Pale Ale

This light soured pale ale is tart and juicy but wonderfully balanced by the slight bitterness of pink grapefruit leaving a slight citrusy aftertaste. With grapefruit notes resembling US hops characteristics, it’s a good choice for those who prefer their sours less fruity.

Blueprint No. 6

Available in 30-litre kegs.

Apricot Sour

ABV 2.7% Sour Pale Ale

This light soured pale ale is tart and juicy with mouth-watering apricot notes, pleasant mild carbonation and a fruity aftertaste. Low bitterness and low ABV makes it a perfect beer to enjoy in the sun or during a longer session.

Blueprint No. 7

Available in 30-litre keg.

Notting Hill Blonde

ABV 4.2%

An easy drinking straw coloured golden ale, with a thin white head and a light sparkling body. Notes of pine, citrus fruit and biscuit with a clean light bitterness. This extremely drinkable beer combines refreshing qualities of a pilsner with delicious fruitiness of a light ale.

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill APA

ABV 4.7%

A medium bodied amber American ale, with aromas of toffee and stone fruits and a lingering bitter orange flavour. Packed with American hops spicing up a complex malt bill it’s a perfect beer for fans of citrus flavours and well-balanced beers.

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill Pale

ABV 4.5%

A medium bodied pale ale, with aromas of grapefruit and malty caramel, with herbal hop and grassy flavours and a lingering citrus finish. This classic, refreshing pale delights with slight bitterness balanced by oat sweetness.

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill Ruby Rye

ABV 5.2%

A full bodied ruby hued, bittersweet ale with a thin cream head, aromas of toffee, dark chocolate and tobacco with an earthy lightly spiced toffee and caramel flavour. An obvious go-to beer when you want a break from hop bitterness but need a beer lighter than a stout.

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.0%

A full-bodied stout, with a medium thick creamy head, with aromas of coffee, fruity liquorice and warm toast and lingering bitter dark chocolate aftertaste. Kept in line with classic London style this dark beer is a perfect winter beverage kept light enough to bring joy in higher temperatures.

Available in 9-gallon casks, 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles.

Notting Hill So Sori Julio

ABV 4.8% Saison

A blend of American and Slovenian hops are brought together to create this classic Saison. From the tap it pours with a burnished gold colour, the mouthfeel is well balanced with earthy, spicy and floral qualities all finished off with the classic Saison dry bitterness with subtle notes of banana and clove from the Belgian strain of yeast.

One time release sold out.


ABV 3.5% Session Pale Ale

A medium-bodied, session pale ale, with lingering notes of tropical fruits with a lasting medium bitterness. It’s packed with aromas and flavours of pineapple, passion fruit and mango making it an ultimate summer beer.

Blueprint No.1

One time release sold out.

Mallet Man

ABV 4.5% Pale Ale

A medium-bodied pale ale, with aromas of citrus and a refreshing herbal hop character balanced by malty caramel and a lightly bitter finish. A tweaked pale recipe bringing more complexity and slightly higher bitterness.

Blueprint No. 14

One time release sold out.

Notting Hill Blizzard (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

ABV 7.0% Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Ale

A year ago we laid this beer to rest in a pair of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrels to soak up the wonderfully complex flavours of the oak. It’s a strong rye beer with a malty base, hints of dried fruits and buttery, vanilla & whiskey-like characteristics. Available in 750ml bottles.

One time release sold out.

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