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Home brewing Showcase!

Encouraged by our lovely taproom regulars we decided to reach out to the beer community when looking for ideas for a new Blueprint Series brew. London Amateur Brewers, a great group of keen home brewers, are developing some very special original recipes for new beers. Despite putting ‘amateur’ in their name, the group members are highly competent. Many of them are becoming certified beer judges and a few went on to set up professional breweries! They will be with us on a weekend of 5th and 6th April brewing a few different beers on site on various types of home brewing kits. Our mezzanine will allow a great overhead view of brewers in action. Any visitors to the taproom on either of the days will also be able to approach brewers to have a closer look or ask questions about the brewing process, their equipment or a beer they are brewing. The bar will be fully open on both days with some delicious pies also being served to keep us all going.

But that will hardly be the end of this affair! When the beers are ready, we will be showcasing them in our taproom. Everyone will be invited to come in, taste them all and cast a vote in favour of their personal favourites. We will then take the winning recipe and the brewer behind it, and make it our new Blueprint Series beer! So, whether you want to learn more about brewing or have an input in what beer will be our next seasonal brew, come along and enjoy yourself. Become a part of Moncada Brewery history!


Home brewing

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